I Homes – The I Homes is a newly launched a residential project in AMR Infrastructure. The project is located at Greater Noida and offers 1 BHK apartments of varying sizes of 390 sq. ft and 550 sq. ft. The apartments are fully furnished with double bed, mattresses, pillow, air-conditioner, fridge, food, processor, cable connection, LCD, designer light fitting, designer light fitting, equipped kitchen and such. The project also comes along with facilities that include club facilities, swimming pool, gymnasium and children sports facility.

Refer to your maintenance manual and clean all the filters and moving parts. Make sure everything is working correctly for those hot or cold days that come with the rain. Now is not the time you want to have to rip out your exterior units, so perform the required maintenance on those as well.

There are many ways in which we can provide pets a cooling relief through a warm weather. First is by giving them a cold bath. Dogs love to spend time outside. Running here and then, and playing around, they expose themselves under the sun and to dirt. Letting the cold water run through their skin will refresh them. You can buy an inflatable pool and set it up on your backyard so that Fido can take a dip. By bathing your dog, you don’t only give them a cool feeling, but also a clean feeling. However, it is not advisable to bathe your dog very often for it can lessen the oil in their coat, dry their skin, and cause some irritations.

Arrange bathroom vanity lights to prevent shadows. Shadows make it tough to see what you’re doing in a bathroom vanity. Therefore, use recessed down lights at the halfway point between you and the mirror, at 24 to 36 inches, in addition to wall sconces on either side of the mirror.

We’ll be saying ‘Let the tailgating begin, it’s football time in Tennessee!’ Then as we go on to the cooler months of football games, we’ll be carrying our jackets and sweaters with us to the Titans ball games, but to start with, we’ll be wishing for an air conditioner near us in the LP Stadium in Nashville.

Change The air Filter – Again, if your air filter is clogged, it will cause a drag on your engine making it work harder. Replace the paper air filter with a cotton gauze-based performance filter to maximize fuel economy. You’ll pay a little more up front, but it’ll be the last air filter your car will ever need.

You may think about getting a dog. Dogs not only make great family pets; they are also the perfect guardian. Dogs are fiercely loyal and will defend their territory. They make noise and they attack. It doesn’t have to be a German Shepherd or Rottweiler either. Even a small dog can drive away an intruder simply by barking up a storm. Dogs really are a great weapon in your home security arsenal.

Le macchine Lasit per marcatura laser su metalli eseguono la verifica del processo, marcano in tempo mascherato e sono integrabili con diversi strumenti per migliorare la produttività dell’intero sistema.